Baroosh, Hertford Wedding DJ
Born in 2000                                                                                                                           Baroosh bar & kitchen is a place for grown-ups! An exclusively adults only venue at all times. Often copied but never bettered, we remain at the heart of the high street and add a modern twist to this picturesque historic town. The original Baroosh is located in the county town of Hertford, steeped in history with Henry VIII's favourite hang-out, Hertford Castle, just round the corner. It wasn't just the Romans and Henry that put Hertford on the map, the McMullen family have been brewing beer here since 1827! Baroosh are the experts at hosting parties, we can prepare a feast up to 20 for a sit down gathering in our fabulous booths or up to 60 for buffet nibbling & more vertical mingling party goers. Check out our menus for bubbly drinks, food and buffet options. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and upcoming dates on Hertford events. Click here for the Baroosh website.