Weddings & Civil Partnerships

Congratulations on finding that special person to share the rest of your life with.

Now that you are engaged it is time to start planning your special day.

Choosing the right wedding suppliers  for such a momentous occasion is a decision that you will have to make in order to ensure that your wedding day is a complete success. You have carefully chosen the best photographer, videographer, florist, caterer, your wedding cake maker, etc. for your once in a lifetime day so the same careful consideration should be given when choosing the entertainment wether it is a DJ or a band as it will round off your special day perfectly. No matter how tasty the food is or how amazing your venue looks, sub-standard wedding entertainment will ruin the whole atmosphere and it will be something that you and your guests will still be talking about long after the day has gone, this is a once in a lifetime occasion so you have to be absolutely sure that you have made the right choice.

When you first contact me it all starts with a friendly and relaxed conversation, we can arrange a meeting and even the tea or coffee is on me! we can discuss exactly what your vision of your special day is.

I will take the time to find out exactly what you would like from me and how I can turn your vision of your special day into a reality. Weddings are supposed to be fun and unique just like you and that is exactly what I provide a unique wedding DJ service for your Special Day.

As a wedding DJ in Hertfordshire and in all the surrounding counties as well as providing fantastic evening entertainment I can also provide extra services such as music for your ceremony, background music for your wedding breakfast and microphones for the after dinner speeches and I will also perform the duties of a toastmaster including introductions, toasts and any other formalities that you may wish to include.

When you book Premier DJ Entertainment for your wedding you will have the services of a professional wedding DJ with over 20 years experience. I have played at many hundreds of weddings and civil partnerships and I will work with you to make sure that you both relax and that you enjoy your special day.

I offer a free no obligation meeting prior to your big day, I will meet with you to exchange ideas and to see how we can make your special day extraordinary . I can advice and guide you on what I know that works best based on my vast experience as a wedding DJ, but it is your day and of course you have the final say. We could perhaps meet at your chosen venue as it will also give me a chance to familiarise myself with the layout and to discuss with you and the venue the logistics of where to set up etc. and avoiding any unforeseen problems well in advance of your wedding day.

As well as providing fantastic evening entertainment, I also offer you my all day wedding host service.

Music for your Wedding Ceremony

Undeniably the most important part of your Wedding day! I can supply an unobtrusive state of the art Bose sound system to play music during your wedding ceremony all played at the right point in the track and all at the right volume level.

  • Music played as a prelude for when the guests are seated
  • A special song for the mothers of the bride and groom
  • Music for the entrance of the bride as she walks up the aisle
  • Music for during the signing of the register
  • Music for the recessional as the bride and groom leave together

Microphones for outdoor wedding ceremonies                                                                                                                                           

If your wedding ceremony is taking place outdoors sometime it can be difficult for the guests to hear the ceremony, I can provide hidden microphones with an unobtrusive speaker so that everyone will be able to hear what is being said.

Background music for your drinks reception                                                                                                                          

As the first time as husband and wife wouldn't it be nice to have soft but uplifting music playing in the background as you and your guests are enjoying afternoon drinks. This will help set the right mood and vibe and put everyone in a happy mood. You can make your own playlist on your Ipod, MP3 player or phone and connect to my Blutooth speaker system or together we can create a personalised playlist that I can play with my equipment.

The Grand Entrance

By spending the time to get to know and finding out a little about you I will make your grand entrance so much more than... ' Ladies and Gentleman please be upstanding for the bride and Groom....etc.

Early Set Up

If space allows, for an extra fee i will arrive at your wedding venue prior to the bridal party arrival to install all my sound and lighting equipment. With the early set up option I can also compile a personalised playlist of background music for during your wedding breakfast, afterall nobody wants to listen to the sound of plates scraping and the clattering sound  of knives and forks. This will not only enlighten the mood to avoid any awkward silent moments, but will create the perfect atmosphere as you and your guests walk into the room, the volume won’t be too loud, your probably won’t even notice unless it stops, but provides a nice touch to any wedding. And the added benefit of the early set up is that there will be no delay waiting for the room turnaround to get all our equipment installed, so the evening entertainment can start immediately after all the formalities are over.

Microphones for speeches
Speeches form an important part of any wedding so it is only right that everyone hears what is being said (even the bad jokes) i will provide high quality wireless microphones for this purpose as part of the early set up option.

I carry around 100.000 songs on a computerised database, and it covers most genre's from the 50's and right up to the latest chart and club tunes, any song can be instantly accessed and played within seconds and should a requested song on the night not happen to be in my collection, I can download it live subject to an internet connection. I gladly accept pre event song playlists via the client area music search facility of my website, (check it out here) and if you wanted to include your guests with the music selection then I can create a guest group so that they can log in and choose songs but you would have control over this and delete any songs that you think as not appropriate for your wedding party and I will gladly accept requests from them on the night as long as the song fits in with your music policy for the night. I have the experience to read the dance floor and play the right music all professionally mixed and played at the right time to keep every one dancing to a great mix of music.

I also offer optional extras to make your wedding day even more unique! 

  • Starlit dance floors
  • Mood lighting
  • Confetti explosion
  • Personalised monogram projection
  • Photo and video projection       
  • Dry Ice for the dancing on the clouds effect                                                                                          
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