Wedding DJ and mobile DJ in Hertford,Extra Touches


Uplighting as also called will totally transform a room and bring a dull and boring room alive with colour, a lot of rooms have pale walls that can look somewhat clinical.

I use Led uplighters placed around the room to wash it in a colour to match your wedding theme or a colour of your choice the possibilities are endless, I can also use uplighters to highlight arches, pillars, walls or any other interesting feature in the room, uplighting works extremely well in marquees as the light fabric reflects the light perfectly and in barn venues as it highlights the rustic charm of the barn. 

Being Led powered they use minimal electricity and are cool to the touch so they are not a fire risk or if touched by young children who might take a shine to them. 

I use a Pea Souper dry ice machine to form a floor hugging cloud that rises just below waist high, this is totally harmless and will just dissapear after about 5 minutes which is long enough for most first dance songs.

It will wow your guests and give the dancing on the clouds effect for breathtaking and totally unique first dance photographs. I can also colour the fog by placing uplighters around the edge of the dance floor that will shine through the cloud.

As it lays close to the ground it will not set off smoke alarms but some venues are concerned that it could set off their fire alarms, it has never happened yet but the venue 's approval is required before I can use this effect.

I will gladly send the venue a risk assesment in order to reassure them and also to comply with all the health and safety regulations.

 MONOGRAM PROJECTION                                                      

Your name in lights, It is your day!

 I will create a custom monogram for your wedding, the design can include your initials, names ,wedding date, I can project your design on to the dance floor , a wall or on to a ceiling and the custom gobo is yours to keep forever.

If you are looking for something that is different then I can design a coloured glass gobo that when projected on to a ceiling it will give the effect for example that you were dancing under a moonlit starry sky. I will send the final design for your approval before creating it.

A starlit or twinkling  dance floor will really add the ultimate wow factor to your wedding and will make your first dance photo's look amazing.

The dance floor is the place where most of the fun will take place, from your first dance to all the fun dances the dance floor will be the centre of everybody's attention and the place where most of the memories will be made.

Most venues have a standard wooden dance floor that will suffice but if your budget allows then a starlit dance floor will really add a touch of class and glamour to your wedding.

I can supply twinkling dance floors in a choice of piano black or gloss white or even a combination of both colours, for prices or more information please contact me.

Make your first dance something special and a confetti explosion will make your wedding first dance photo's look amazing, confetti cannons are a simple effect but add a touch of elegance to you special moment.

The confetti that I use are biodegradeable in silver, gold and white and capture the light perfectly so will make your wedding photo's nothing short of spectacular and guaranteed to amaze all your family and friends.

A lot of venues don't allow the use of confetti therefore the use of the confetti explosion is again subject to your venue's approval.



A large screen showing photos of your life together so far, photos from the ceremony, the photos that your guests are taking during the reception.

The screen can also be used for video messages during the speeches from absent friends and family or maybe you had a destination wedding in a romantic far away place and are having a party with all your friends that were unable to celebrate your big day with you there, then I can project all your wedding photo's and video's on a large screen so that you can share your special day with them as well.

Or you may wish to share all your wedding day highlights from earlier in the day with all your evening guests.

A screen and projector can also provide a suitable alternative to a photo booth. 



One of the biggest add on's in the last couple of years has been the Giant illuminated letters, I thought it was just a passing fad but they are here to stay and so easy to see why as they give any wedding the added wow factor and highlights just much LOVE there is in the room:) and they also make a stunning backdrop for your wedding photo's.

The 5 feet Giant letters are in white in either soft glow bulbs that are just the right brightness, some Love letters are far too bright and can be a bit of mood killer especially when placed in close proximity to the dance area or coloured RGB that are dimmable and can be set to a colour to match your wedding colour theme.

I can supply the whole alphabet of letters to spell LOVE, Mr & Mrs, Just Married, your names, the possibilities are endless the only limit is your imagination.